About Us

We are dedicated to helping people with Down syndrome lead wonderful lives, filled with empowerment, love and hope.

Gina and her beloved son, David – the inspiration for our organization.

We advocate for people with Down syndrome and support families in their journey to provide the most fulfilling lives for their children. We serve people with Down syndrome across the lifespan – from birth through adulthood.

Our Executive Director, Gina Johnson, founded our organization over thirty (30) years ago with five (5) families.  Now, we have touched the lives of thousands through our programs and annual events.

We are a support organization first and foremost.

Our services are FREE to families and we receive donations from grants and sponsors to fund what we do.

2021-23 Board of Directors

  • Gina Barreras, Medical Advisor
  • Chris Claridge, Treasurer
  • Kevin Huff, Business Advisor
  • Curt Johnson, President
  • Gina Johnson, Executive Director
  • Seth Johnson, Secretary
  • Leon Ricks, Vice President
  • Shannon Ringenbach, Education Advisor

2021-23 Advisory Board

  • Dave Case
  • Jennie Bradfield
  • Lynn Ferron
  • Keith Killourie
  • Nick Kowalski
  • Sheri Reed
  • Sylvia Ricks
  • Barb Wilkins
  • Allan Earl


Make a donation to support the programs and services we provide.

Sustainability Initiative

Take a look at the Sharing Down Syndrome Arizona Sustainability Initiative!

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