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Our mission is to champion and celebrate ALL people who have Down syndrome throughout the lifespan. We support families in their care and advocacy efforts for the people in their lives with Down syndrome.

Support for parents with children with Down Syndrome

About Down Syndrome

As Gina Johnson (Founder & Director) tells most parents she meets, “Children with Down syndrome are some of the sweetest babies on the face of the earth; they bring goodness to our world as they teach us about true, unconditional love.” 

Down Syndrome is the most common genetic birth condition occurring 1 in approximately every 691 births. The unique triplication of the 21st chromosome can cause babies born with Down syndrome to have some medical challenges.  Down syndrome comes in three forms and can differentiate the structure of the chromosomes.  Some are born with Mosaic or Translocation forms of Down syndrome.  

However, with proper medical attention, therapies and family and community support, the future of people with Down syndrome in the United States has dramatically improved over the last decades. 

What Families Are Saying:

K. Book

Sharing Down Syndrome has been so great to my family! We had a nice in home visit after my daughter was born and came home from the NICU.
We were also able to enjoy the Sharing Down syndrome Christmas event in 2019 when my daughter was young. We really enjoy the events and the care that goes into planning them. We can’t wait to partake in more events in the future.
We are super thankful to be part of the sharing Down syndrome community! Thanks for all you do for our community!

L. Ferron

We have attended xmas parties and walks and our sons LOVES it all. Sharing Down Syndrome AZ makes us feel like we are not alone and makes sure our kids get the inclusion they deserve, along with making sure they get the services they also deserve. Thanks for all you do Sharing Down Syndrome of AZ, we love you!!


2024 Sharing Walk Photo Gallery

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On The Blog

From My Heart to Yours, Love, David’s Mom | May 2024

From My Heart to Yours, Love, David’s Mom | May 2024

Thank you, Team Liam! Dearest Beloved Friends, Thank you, dear friends, for all each of you did to make our 24th Annual Sharing Down Syndrome Walk on April 20, 2024 such a success!  The team who raised the most donations came all the way from Duncan, Arizona, TEAM...

From My Heart to Yours, Love, David’s Mom | April 2024

From My Heart to Yours, Love, David’s Mom | April 2024

Dearest Sharing Families, Last week, one of our sons and his family (Luke, Annie, Finley, Shep, and Campbell) surprised us by driving down from Utah to spend their Spring Break with us. It was wonderful to have them here. We are a totally normal family as you can tell...

From My Heart to Yours, Love, David’s Mom | March 2024

From My Heart to Yours, Love, David’s Mom | March 2024

Dearest Sharing Families,  As I look back at all the people, I have come to know because of David, I feel so grateful. I love them and I love their families.  One of my favorite things over the years is to have been able to watch the impact a child with Down syndrome...

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Receive a dollar-for-dollar tax credit when you direct a portion of your state tax dollars to support Sharing Down Syndrome Arizona.  This incentive is at no cost to you. 1. Donate up to $800 (up to $400 if filing single) to Sharing Down Syndrome AZ and receive a credit on your taxes for the full amount of your donation.

2. Provide your donation receipt and our QCO code 20543 to your tax preparer.

**For more information on the AZ Charitable Giving Tax Credit visit AZDOR.gov.

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