Mission Statement: The mission of Sharing Down Syndrome Arizona is to educate and empower, but especially give hope to individuals who have Down syndrome so they may grow up to become independent self advocates. 

We champion and celebrate ALL people who have Down syndrome throughout the lifespan. We support families in their care and advocacy efforts for the people in their lives with Down syndrome.  

All of our programs and services are FREE to families.

Down syndrome is the most common genetic birth anomaly occurring 1 in approximately every 691 births. Babies with Down syndrome can have medical challenges, nearly 50% have heart defects, intestinal and respiratory problems. They often have developmental delays, hearing and vision impairments and have mild to moderate intellectual disabilities.

When children with Down syndrome are given proper medical treatment and educational opportunities, they can grow up to become happy, successful members of society who make our world a better place to live. This is the reason we exist – to share and spread this message and to celebrate the Proud Parents who love a child with Down syndrome.


Our Sponsors

We have many sponsors and donors who give so generously to our organization. Their donations allow us to provide FREE services to our families.  We also have received grants from some of the organizations for our advocacy programs and events.  Their support, especially in a year filled with many unusual circumstances, is truly appreciated.