As a small not for profit, we understand we have a role to play in being less wasteful and concerned about our environmental impact.

 In 2022, we made a plan to make our events and work practices more sustainable.  Below is a list of how we are working to be more environmentally friendly in our community.

  1. Provide recycling receptacles at all large public events and reduce waste: We will provide recycling units at our Sharing Walk and look for ways to reduce waste. Regarding reducing waste: in 2022, we made our marketplace online.  We are no longer purchasing large volumes of t-shirts for our events. Now, we offer an online store through Bonfire. Items desired can be purchased online and on demand.  This reduces the amount of t-shirts in our inventory and that have to be discarded if not sold.
  2. Reduce the amount of balloons at events: The only annual event that uses balloons is our Sharing Walk for Down syndrome.  In the past two years (2022-23), we have reduced the amount of balloons we use at the event.  In 2023, we plan only to use a balloon arch and will make plans to recycle it after its use.
  3. Use reusable bags instead of plastic bags: Since the Fall of 2021, we no longer purchase any plastic bags.  We give out recyclable string cinch backpacks to guests to carry items at our events.  We use paper bags for giveaways and gifts.
  4. Make fewer paper copies (use less paper):  We use both sides of paper when printing documents and marketing materials whenever possible. We practice this effort and started creating online newsletters, online donation platforms, and have decreased the amount of paper documents we produce each year since 2020.
  5. Create a work schedule where commuting is done only 3-4 days per week; offer remote work: Our office is open Monday-Thursdays from 9:30am-1:30pm so that commuting is done during less peak hours.  We also work from home on occasion.  This decreases the carbon dioxide in our atmosphere by using less gas and not clogging up roads at high traffic times.
  6. Carpool when possible: We have events and activities where we meet with others in our community.  Efforts are made to carpool when the distance is more than 10 miles.

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