Update on the Family Grants offered from the Global Down Syndrome Foundation

We had several families reach out to us to write a family emergency grant for them through the Global Down Syndrome foundation.
We were only allowed to write (2) grants for this opportunity. We did so, and as of Feb. 24, we learned that both of the families we wrote grants for will receive $1,000 each! We are over the moon with gratitude to the wonderful people of Global Down Syndrome Foundation.
Many, many thanks to the Global Down Syndrome Foundation for this timely and generous opportunity for two of our families.
There is still great need in our community due to the pandemic; and because of some recent donations from generous families and organizations, along with some savings from some of our in-person canceled events, we (Sharing Down Syndrome AZ) were able to help (7) additional families with direct financial support. 
We thank all who donate to us and know we, along with amazing organizations like the Global Down Syndrome Foundation, are working hard to support families who love and care for a person with Down syndrome.

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