Carol Tingey – Newest Board Member

Carol has been involved in the disability community since she was 15-years-old. She is the person who created and leads the amazing, ‘Hip Hop Homies with Extra Chromies’ dance group and volunteers with Sharing Down Syndrome in our home and hospital visits to new parents. She helps with our community outreach and is always a popular guest speaker each year when we do our ASU and Mayo Clinic presentations.

Carol also hosted our 25-year anniversary gala and is planning to host our 30-year anniversary gala in 2021. She also is planning on coordinating a golf tournament to benefit our efforts.

We tease Carol that she is the ‘Down Syndrome Whisperer’, but it is true.  Our kids love her with all their hearts and what I love most is that she sees our children, of all ages, for the remarkable people they are.

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